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Lennox Children's Cancer Fund

Crane is delighted to announce that it will now donate the proceeds generated from its recycled toner service to the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund.

The Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund was registered as a national charity in 1992. It's main aim is to make a positive difference to the lives of children suffering from cancer or leukaemia through practical, financial and emotional assistance.

The Founder
Vincent Fitzmaurice was born and raised in Plaistow, East London with his four brothers and two sisters. He has always been a family man with a devotion to children. While still at school, Vincent joined the West Ham Parish Church choir and became heavily involved in community work through the church. He began working for the children's charity Barnardos at their head office in Barkingside where his keen interest in music and the arts prompted him to organise various fundraising events for many different causes.

The Cause
Very few people in this world are not touched by the plight of children and their families who face a massive struggle every day to defeat the diagnosis of cancer. Vincent was no different. While watching the families and children at a charity carol concert, it struck him that although these children had many disabilities and problems to overcome, that night they were really enjoying themselves and became part of a 'normal' family again! This left a deep impression on Vincent and gave him the idea to start up a new children’s charity.

Vincent set about discovering as much as possible about how he could help to make a positive difference and how to go about it. By talking to medical experts and researching all available material, Vincent found that more children die from cancer than from any other childhood disease. Over 1,500 children under 16 are diagnosed every year with cancer in some form or another. Armed with this information Vincent set about establishing an organisation that would help to improve the child oncology units of various hospitals throughout the country.

You can find out more information by clicking here.

Thank you for your help.
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