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Labels - Avery Labels

Avery Labels

Crane has a massive selection of labels from the most popular brands. We currently stock labels from Dymo, 5 Star and by far the biggest and most popular manufacturer of them all Avery.

Avery Labels Available from Crane

Here at Crane you will find the complete range of Avery Labels and associated products including Labelling Kits, DVD & CD case inserts, CD sleeves and Pens. So no matter what your need ? you are bound to find the labels you are looking for here ? and a lot you probably didn?t even know existed.
Within the Crane range of Avery Labels you will find labels for very occasion. As if that wasn?t enough - Avery Labels now have a QuickPEEL? ?feature and are guaranteed Jam Free? making them easier and faster to apply. Varieties of Avery Labels include:

  • Clear Inkjet Addressing Labels
  • White Copier Labels
  • Multipurpose Labels
  • Inkjet Filing Labels
  • Tamperproof Labels
  • Heavy Duty Labels
  • Glossy Laser Labels
  • High Visibility and Promotion Labels
  • Coloured Laser Labels
  • And many more!

Avery Labels are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours and are fully compatible with all popular laser and colour laser printers including Hewlett Packard, Brother, Lexmark?, Konica-Minolta and many more. Also suitable for inkjet printers.

Whether you require signage labels, labels in dispensers, Franking Labels or even Extra Strong labels ? perfect for outdoor use - ?then you will find them in the Crane range of Avery Labels.

Take a look at the full range of Avery Labels

Avery Address Labels

Thinking of address labels ? then you are probably thinking of Avery Address Labels.

Avery Address Labels are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and are fully compatible with popular laser and colour laser printers and Inkjet printers. In addition, Avery Address Labels are now guaranteed Jam Free? and have a QuickPEEL?? feature making them easier and faster to apply. ?What?s more Avery Address Labels come in a wide range of quantities from 2 labels per sheet to 65 labels per sheet and from 25 labels per box to 9,000 labels per box!

Here at Crane you will find an impressive range of Avery Address Labels including:

  • White Laser Addressing Labels ? fully compatible with with popular laser and colour laser printers, including Hewlett Packard, Brother, Lexmark? , Konica-Minolta and many more.
  • Clear Laser Addressing labels ? virtually disappear when applied and give a highly distinctive and professional impression to all mailings.
  • Inkjet addressing labels ? ensure vivid colour and sharp text. Guaranteed for all popular inkjet printers.
  • Easy Address Labels ? ideal for use with word processors, dot matrix printers and typewriters.

Not sure the type that is right for you. Don?t hesitate to contact one of our friendly knowledgeable staff who will help you identify the right type for you.

Take a look at our complete range of Avery Address Labels

Also available are: Avery Copier Labels, Avery Inkjet Labels, Avery Laser Labels, Avery Continuous Labels

Our catalogue offer a vast range of Avery Labels, if however you cannot find a product in our online office supplies catalogue then please call 0800 007 5566 or and one of our team will be only to happy to help you.

What label is right for you?

Brands of Label

For the best quality labels you may wish to choose between established brands such as Avery Labels, Dymo Labels AND 5 Star labels.

Avery is considered THE label brand and produces a comprehensive range of labels in all shapes and sizes and for every possible purpose.

Dymo Labels should be considered if you own a Dymo Label Writer/Printer/Maker as these labels have been specially designed to work in these machines.

If you are on a budget then 5 Star Labels are an excellent option as they offer a good range of labels which are excellent value for money.

Types of Labels - Laser Label, Inkjet Labels, Copier Labels & Multipurpose Labels

Depending upon the type of printer you are going to be using, for printing your labels, it is important that you purchase labels that are compatible with your machine. Laser labels should be used for Laser Printers, Inkjet Labels for Inkjet printers and copier labels for photocopiers. If you require an everyday label that can be used on any machine then Multipurpose Labels are also available.

  • Address Labels ? As the name suggests address labels are the ideal solution when sending out letters and parcels and you are looking for a professional look.? Simply print either a single label or multiple addresses directly onto the label and peel and attach to your desired package.
  • Word Processor Labels ? As the name suggests, Word processor labels are specially designed for use with word processors.
  • Computer Labels? - For use with Dot matrix printers; these labels come in a continuous fanfold.
  • Franking Labels ? For use on both manual and automatic franking machines.
  • Filing Labels ? Need to be more organized in the office? Using filing labels you can easily identify files for different department. Filing labels are available for lever arch files, ring binders, box files and suspension files.
  • Mini Labels ? Ideal for printing return address labels. Also useful for marking boxes and documents.
  • Removable labels ? If you need to only temporarily mark a folder or document then removable labels are the ideal solution. These labels can be easily removed and leave no residue behind.
  • Heavy Duty Labels ? These extra strong labels are extremely durable. Resistant to temperature, dirt, oil & splash, heavy duty labels are perfect even for outdoor use.
  • Security/Tamper-Proof ?? If you require extra security on items tamper-proof labels will leave a message behind when peeled off and cannot be reapplied. No Peel security labels are ideal for protecting property as they have a super strong adhesive which cannot be peeled off.
  • Clear Labels ? These labels can be used to provide a transparent look to any labelling you have. They can be applied to glass, plastic, metal and polished surfaces. They are also perfect for sealing items.
  • Coloured Labels ? If your need is for high visibility, coloured labels are the perfect solution and can be found in a variety of colours including red, yellow, blue and green.
  • CD & DVD Labels ? CD and DVD labels are available, and designed, to cover the full face of the disc. These labels give a professional look to your discs and are simple to apply by using specially designed applicators
  • Continuous Labels ? Continuous labels are labels which come in one continuous reel.

Label Sizes

All our labels come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Whether it be one per sheet or 65 per sheet we a confident we have the right quantity and type of label for you.
Below you will find a list of codes used by Avery to reference their labels:

Sheets Per Page

Avery Reference Number


J8567 or J8167








J8565 or J8165






J8563 or J8163


J8562 or J8162




J8560 or J8160






Our Labels section features popular brands such as: Avery, Herma, Dymo & 5 Star.

Our online office stationery catalogue has a wide range of Labels to choose from, if however you cannot find a product on our website then please call 0800 007 5566 or and one of our team will be only to happy to help you.

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