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Filing and archiving is an important part of any office. Although many of us are not the tidiest of people in the office, we all understand the need to file tings away in an organised manner.
Often finding the correct type of filing solution can be quite daunting with the huge variety on offer. Here is a brief description of the types available from Crane:

Types of Files, Pockets & Binders

  • Archive Filing ? Archive filing products include storage boxes, transfer files, magazine files and box files.? Generally used for storing office documents which are no longer active and require infrequent access.
  • Box Files ? Box files a great for filing away your office documents on shelves tidily whilst still being easily accessible.? They come with an interior lock-spring which secures papers loose papers inside. Using different coloured box files is a great way of easily identifying certain box files.
  • Lever Arch Files ? The classic style of file seen in every office. Strong, robust, available in a variety of sizes and colours. Lever arch files consist of two rings? and a lever arch mechanism with compressor bar to secure the documents in the file
  • Expanding Files ? Expanding files are a great way to organise loose papers and notes. They open up and contain multiple document pockets to easily file and organise work.
  • Suspension Files ? Suspension files are used for storing away large amounts of office documents in filing cabinets in an organized and efficient manner. They are hung on rails inside the filing cabinet running from the front to the back of the drawer.
  • Lateral Files ? Lateral Files are suspension files which can be used in lateral filing cabinets where rather than the more traditional method of front to back filing, the files go from left to right.
  • Ring Binders ? Available with 2 or 4 rings, and with a choice of either ?D? ring or ?O? ring, ring binders are ideal for everyday office use.? Whether you wish to store papers in A3, A4 or A5 there is a binder to suit your needs. A variety of styles and colours can add that little extra should you need your binder for presentations or easy identification.?
  • Slide Binders ? Slide binders are a must for any office as they are a very cheap and effective way of binding together loose bits of paper into a report/presentation style format. Slide binders consist of a simple plastic strip which slides along the edge of your report or presentation, fastening the documents.
  • Easel Binders ? Great for presentations on the move, easel binders covert from a carry case into a flip style easel.
  • Computer Binders ? Computer binders are suitable for filing away continuous unburst sheets of printer paper and are compatible with most leading storage systems.
  • Plastic Pockets ? Punched plastic pockets are great for keeping documents clean and unruffled when filling away.? The punched holes on the spine of the pockets allow you to insert them into any ring binder/lever arch file. Plastic pockets are also available which can hold CD/DVDs and business cards.
  • Plastic Wallets ? When you?re on the move and need to keep your documents clean and tidy. These envelope style wallets come with popper, zip, or elastic fastenings.
  • Plastic Folders ? Ideal for keeping your desk tidy or for easy access to documents. Available in a range of clear and coloured plastic folders, these are a useful, inexpensive addition to any office.
  • Card Holders - Ideal for display areas in the home, school, office and shops, these ?holders provide a clear plastic covering for your cards
  • Card Index ? A great way to have contacts readily available at your fingertips.
  • Display Books ? Display book a great for reports, presentations and master documents which need to be kept in good condition.
  • Dividers, Indexes and Tabs ? These are used to divide up documents within files and folders making it easy to find and access your required information easily. Dividers can be found in a variety of colours, with numeric tabs or in plain printable versions so you can customise them yourself.

If you cannot find the file, pocket or binder you require in this section or would like help choosing the most suitable, please call Freephone 0800 007 5566 or email

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