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Environmental Policy

When Crane ‘the office supplies people’ was established in 2002, the vision was never to be the biggest, simply to be the best. Having consistently delivered excellent customer service and conducted our business based upon core values that include reliability, flexibility, value for money and honesty it was, however, inevitable that we would get bigger and bigger.

As our growth continues so does our awareness of the environmental responsibilities that we have. Not only to ensure that we conduct ourselves in a manner to minimise the potential negative impact our activities have on the environment, but also to assist our customers to uphold their own environmental policies and responsibilities.

At Crane, we realise that this is an ongoing commitment and it is one that we are happy to commit to. As such, we shall:

  1. Ensure our compliance with all appropriate Environmental Regulations, as applicable to the nature of our business.
  2. Regularly, and continually, review our internal procedures with a view to, wherever possible, minimising any negative impact upon the environment.
  3. Seek to reduce, as much as is practicable, any negative environmental impact caused during the undertaking of our business. Specifically, any risk of pollution, the reduction of carbon emissions and the identification and implementation of re-cycling opportunities.
  4. As appropriate, to source products of an environmentally friendly nature and to assist our customers to do likewise.
  5. Engage with our customers to assist them in fulfilling their own environmental responsibilities.

This document forms the basis of Crane’s environmental policy. It is a working document and as such, shall be regularly reviewed, revised and refined to ensure our continuing sensible and responsible approach to the environment.

Michael Crane
Managing Director

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